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Our school, the first international school in Thailand outside of Bangkok, has a long and provincial history.  Our campus is a testament of this history! From the beginning as an American Presbyterian missionary residence to now as a 21st century school campus, the land on which CMIS sits has continually developed as a living & learning community with a strong sense of identity and a vision of educational excellence.

CMIS was founded in 1954, originally using the McGilvary house as a school for missionary children.  In 1958, CMIS was relocated to the present campus, the Grether compund was actually built by J.W. McKaen, M.D.. Our present location is surrounded by schools, a hospital, a seminary and a university, all of which were founded by American Presbyterian missionaries.  The existing buildings on the CMIS campus are as follows:

McKean House (1906)

(Administration Building)

Architect: N/A

McKean House received the 2017 Architectural Conservation Award from the Association of Siamese Architecture. 

The McKean House was built in 1906 on the east side of the Ping River as the residence of James W McKean, MD (1860-1949), an American Presbyterian missionary and former director of McCormick Hospital.  Dr. McKean initiated a leprosarium in Chiang Mai. 

This 550 sq.m. building, built in the American Colonial Architecture style, served as the residence of missionary families who came to work in northern Thailand before it became the location for Chiangmai Children’s Center (CCC) in 1957.  In 1985, CCC changed its name to Chiang Mai International School (CMIS ).

Preschool (1958)

Architect: Prof. An Nimmanheminda

The preschool building was first to be constructed of brick but later changed to wood. The dedication of this building took place on August 13, 1958.

Auditorium (1988)

Architect: Set Co., Ltd.

Major renovation in 2017

Architect: ASANA Architect Co., Ltd.

The Auditorium was built initially for the school's assembly and performance. Once the number of students expanded, the school decided to expand the building to accommodate around 500 people, allowing all students to do the whole assembly at once.

High-School (1990)

Architect: Mr. Nopadon Piyatat

Major renovation in 2021

Architect: ASANA Architect Co., Ltd.

High-School Building originally had 7 classrooms before the expansion in 2022 to 11 classrooms and the Health Center, Students Support Team Office within this building.

Elementary (1997)

Architect: Mr. Nopadon Piyatat

Gymnasium (2007)

Architect: Mr. Surapon Chaikhumlar

Major renovation in 2020

Architect: ASANA Architect Co., Ltd.

The Gymnasium boasts spacious full-sized basketball and volleyball courts, complete with a cutting-edge Positive Air Pressure System that effectively purifies the air quality during periods of high pollution on the second floor. The gymnasium also houses language and dance classrooms, providing diverse activities and facilities for individuals to partake in.

Covered Court (2017)

Architect: Mr. Dittidej Rachapattayakom

Secondary School (2018)

Architect: ASANA Architect Co., Ltd.

Learning Center & Cafeteria (2019)

Architect: ASANA Architect Co., Ltd.